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Pirsig suffered a mental breakdown and spent time in and out of psychiatric hospitals between 19.He was diagnosed with schizophrenia and treated with electroconvulsive therapy on numerous occasions, On December 28, 1978, Pirsig married Wendy Kimball in Tremont, Maine.When he did, his publisher's internal recommendation stated, "This book is brilliant beyond belief, it is probably a work of genius, and will, I'll wager, attain classic stature." In 1974, Pirsig was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship to allow him to write a follow-up, Lila: An Inquiry into Morals (1991), in which he developed a value-based metaphysics, Metaphysics of Quality, that challenges our subject–object view of reality.The second book, this time "the captain" of a sailboat, follows on from where Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance left off.After their break-up Joey is desperate to communicate with Anna but her parents stand in the way.

He then attended Banaras Hindu University in India, to study Eastern philosophy and culture.On December 15, 2012, Montana State University bestowed upon Pirsig an honorary doctorate in philosophy during the university's fall commencement.Pirsig was also honored with a commencement speech by MSU Regent Professor Michael Sexson.The bar is smoky and humid, yet her oil-black hair smells fruity, girly, and fresh.If I’m this turned on at 10 p.m., I wonder how it’s going to be later when we’re naked. The type of girl that doesn’t just turn heads, but twists bodies. I’m content to sit back for a moment to observe this golden-skinned goddess in the familiar setting of my favorite local dive bar.

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