Xbox 360 achievements gamerscore not updating

I had a lot of 100% done unlocking achievements in Murdered Soul Suspect, and I just waited a few days and eventually they all returned to normal.You could just do that or try the Square Enix forums and see if there is a solution on there, either way good luck with it PS I have the full Gamerscore for Rot TR and they all unlocked normally for me, so it could also be a live issue.Once earned, an achievement awards you with Gamerscore points, typically around 10.Your Gamerscore appears next to your Gamertag across Xbox Live and gives other players an idea of how many achievements you’ve earned. You don’t have to worry about them to complete your game, and unlocking all of them doesn’t earn you anything special.

They lay out specific tasks that you must complete to unlock them.One of the biggest gaming changes of the past decade are Xbox achievements.These seemingly meaningless tasks carry serious weight among many gamers, allowing you to show off your skills to the world.It’s important to remember, though, that achievements aren’t everything.You shouldn’t stress about earning them in every game.

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