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See Prepare your application for the Japanese era change for information on testing your applications on Windows systems to ensure their readiness for the era change. NET that support calendars with multiple eras and for best practices when working with calendars that support multiple eras.When formatting information is derived from a Date Time Format Info object, the Date Time Format Info. Thursday, they shared the feature card at the Memorial Championship.It was each competitor’s career best in the ratings department.Jalle Stoor, Ricky Wysocki, Sias Elmore, and Alex Russell all fired off 12-under par 44s to land in third place on a jam-packed leaderboard that found 14 players shooting 10-under or better.

If you parse a date and time string by using a Date Time Format Info object with customized settings that are different from those of a standard culture, use the Parse Exact method instead of the Parse method to improve the chances for a successful conversion.

It tries to parse the input string completely without throwing a Format Exception exception. Because exception handling can be expensive, you should use Parse when the parsing operation is expected to succeed because the input source is trusted.

Try Parse is preferable when parsing failures are likely, particularly because an input source is not trusted, or you have reasonable default values to substitute for strings that do not parse successfully.

For example, May 1, 2019 marked the beginning of the Reiwa era in the Japanese Calendar and Japanese Lunisolar Calendar.

Such a change of era affects all applications that use these calendars.

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