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I have a son from a previous relationship — Jackson, he was 2 at the time — and they met and just really hit it off.I knew from the first date that I really, really liked Matt.This is actually my first serious relationship, and we're at almost a year now. The one thing that is a bit of a problem is, funnily enough, although we're both Indian, he's Muslim, and my background is Sikh.Our families don't know about us, because it's kind of a taboo.My father will have a difficult time with it, but I believe will accept him in time.His parents are more traditional and it would be hard for them to accept me, without hurting his relationship with them.

So we set up the date but had to push it off a couple times.I've set up some of the guys on dates with my girlfriends.Eddy was the one who messaged me first, and initially I never got back to him.Our singles community is massive, and you're only a couple of clicks away from finding a date. I had not changed my location settings or my age settings from the default, so Matt kind of snuck in there, because there's a 13-year age difference and we lived 50 miles apart.

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Not necessarily because I really wanted for find a boyfriend; it was just me just wanting to go on dates because they were so much fun.

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