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Its bad news if your "in person" is your worst face no matter if it's a job, a meeting, or a date. It's harder to check out the vibe of someone off the internet you know? That refers to men who will talk to you indefinitely over social media, possibly escalate to sexting, but never offer to meet up (i.e. Women who actually put that in their profiles are gullible to a fault and you probably don't want to date them.From a guy's perspective, a lot of women lose interest quickly so a simple tactic is to ask for a date or a number early.I mean, there's only so many times you can reject someone's invites before they back away for good.

It’s absolutely not acceptable to send inappropriate messages on Linked In.I'm a guy, so maybe that's different, but I've met up with girls pretty quickly, we hung out and talked and then went our separate ways because it didn't click.Saved me from awkwardly texting and small talk for a week.I've tried dating on Ok Cupid and Tinder for some time and it seems like the majority of the guys I talk to want to meet up really quickly. I'm not ready at all to meet a stranger off the internet after just 1 day of small talk.Half of the time it is perhaps a lewd guy but the other half seem to genuinely want to go on a date.

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