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We're going to see the Hodgins of the first couple of seasons, a guy who had to work with anger management, who used to snap his rubber band on his wrist to keep some of his anger in control.He's going to be a little more Gregory House than Hodgins for a while. This is not where life was supposed to be take him."And as Hodgins spirals toward his rock bottom, his wife Angela (Michaela Conlin) may turn to an unexpected source for comfort: photojournalist Sebastian Kohl (Gil Darnell).So, I think the fans will feel what she's feeling, which is, "What am I to do? He won't look at me." Is Hodgins aware that he's pushing her away or is he just too lost in his anger?Thyne: There are moments in life where you're so upset with yourself that it's almost the other person that you're pushing them away.The last thing they want him to do is work and the only thing he can think to do is work. They're taking away from him the one thing that's going to actually give him the hope to be able to walk.So it's a real stressful time for them all, but he believes that he's going absolutely crush this thing and get out of that chair as soon as possible, but I don't know that that's really the truth.It's the one thing that she wants that he now can't provide her, and I think that makes him feel like he's incapable and quite literally incompetent at being able to provide her the one thing she wants. And it sounds like the tension in the relationship leads Angela to turn toward Sebastian. Thyne: I think we've maybe all been there in life at times when someone you care about is going through a something .You don't even mean to, but maybe you open up to the closest person or someone that just happens to be there. that the person around happens to be Sebastian, so she ends up opening up to him.

A few of these are American Stage actress Michaela Conlin, Canadian TV personality Michaela Pereira, American comedic actress Michaela Watkins, and American actress Michaela Mc Manus.

And why might Hodgins be partially responsible for Angela running to Sebastian?

chatted with Thyne about this huge twist for his character and what we can expect in the second half of the season.

I feel like we've kind of played that for such a long time that I was stoked finding out that Hodgins and Angela were going to have some conflict and some serious issues to have to contend with. Thyne: When we come back, it's eight weeks later, so a lot of Hodgins' initial reactions to being paralyzed, we don't get to see.

We don't see Hodgins react to the news in this episode. When we pick back up, Jack is very much anxious to prove that he's absolutely going to get out of the chair as soon as possible and it's his struggle to stay as positive as possible while the rest of the team is so desperately concerned about him.

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