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I never got hired there, but I was up for the job as they were developing it. I thought, “I love all the gnarly side of life, I totally want to be a coroner.” And then I realized what I wanted to be was an actor — I just want to act like a coroner. I actually pitched to somebody at CBS, I said, “Let’s do the new ‘Murder, She Wrote,’ ” and they were like “No, no.” And I thought, well ... Where the characters are not hiding some hideous secret. But I want to be part of something good, and something kind. ” And I said, “I’ve got an hour and a half if she can meet me Sunday before I go home. We’ll see what happens.”And I met her, and first of all she said to me, “I was very unwell as a kid” — and in my mind, there’s a little red flag because I thought, “Uh oh, she’s a fan.” Not that being a fan is bad, but it might be that she’s attracted to me for the wrong reasons. A fan’s not a business associate, you know what I mean? But the more she talked, and the more I learned about her trajectory — her writing career and her career with the network — I thought, “This girl’s really got chops.” I sensed I was catching her at this wave, and quite selfishly I thought, “I’m going to take you for my own.” Claire is everything I dreamed she’d be and more. I felt like I was casting myself in some way, ‘cause I thought, “You will be effortless to have around.” I knew I could be three feet from Ebony seven days a week and not have a problem with that.

I’d already done some sketch comedy and some TV commercials. She was probably 1, so I would have been 21 — so that also put a bit of a crimp in my “I Want to Go to London and Study at RADA.” I [had] a teen pregnancy. The moment I had the baby I was filled with enormous creative energy, and started writing little audition pieces and skits and went and produced it. I’m a Little Red Hen and I’ll figure out a way to do it. And I’m very attracted to the idea of justice at the moment, because the world seems pretty — there’s a lot of injustice. I’d been sent some scripts by a young woman called Claire Tonkin, from Australia. And plus she’s so talented and so attractive and so full of life.

What I thought it looked like was trying to get to London to go to RADA [the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art]. It was only “right time, right idea, right people” that brought me to it. I’ve done splashing the inside of people’s TV screens with blood for twentysomething years, and I’m ready for — the world needs something a little bit different at the moment. You’re either my friend or you’re a fan, [which] by definition — it’s an unequal relationship.

And that was long before the internet of course, so you would have to go to the consulate and get a phone book and look up the number of the address of Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and write to them and that would take weeks, and then they may send back a form, and you would have to somehow film something — you’d have to organize that and pay somebody to edit it, a huge to-do. A local soap started up about the time that I was starting to work. I wanted to do something much closer to myself, something modern. I just thought, “The scripts aren’t really there,” and I forgot about it. And then I was over in Sydney, at Gay Pride, where Xena’s still a bit of a fixture, and [Tonkin] contacted me and said, through my agency, “Do you want to meet? I could not have somebody who was deferential in the audition, and Ebony just met me like for like.

Nearly 25 years later, audiences are finally getting a proliferation of heroines, with Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel and Black Widow all getting their own big-budget films.It first premiered in Australia earlier this summer, and the series is making its U. “She’s hooked again.” Described as a major departure for Lawless, the role is actually the closest she’s ever come to playing herself on screen. “What’s cool about her is that she’s released from caring what anybody thinks about her,” Lawless says of Alexa, who tragically lost her husband years prior and left police work to grieve.Lawless, who played the lead in “Xena: Warrior Princess” and became a feminist and queer icon in the bargain, has been a model of cool capability almost since the beginning of her career.(Incredibly, “My Life Is Murder” is only her second lead role, though she had major parts in ) The new part, which stirs maturity into the mix, suits her well.

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