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“We want to ask you some questions about your experience.”It was Monday, May 12, 2014. Brown’s email explained that six weeks prior “a young woman” contacted him “with shocking allegations about a well-known Canadian public figure with whom she’d had an intimate relationship.” Brown stated that he was not one for celebrity gossip and that this story was different.He had talked to the woman several times and “verified many aspects of her story.” Now he was at a dead end.Carly pulled in her chair, checked for messages on her phone, and smiled.She was slender and well spoken with a nervous assurance about her.The reality is that with a story so potentially damaging, more than a few people in the newsroom would have to be involved.We have all sorts of checks and balances that kick in when we are reviewing a story and working on an investigation. They learned that Carly had contacted him on March 28.Upon their return, they briefed me and then-managing editor Jane Davenport.After some more discussions in-house, Cooke told Brown we were interested. This meeting with Carly was our first time working together.

I am seeking a partner publication to work with me on bringing this to light.

Many people young and old, male and female, were at the signing. Via text message, Ghomeshi asked Carly to dinner later in the week.

The suggestion here was that Ghomeshi, alone in a strange town, selected one young woman. By this time he was in the next city on his book tour, and he asked if she was feeling adventurous. In a text message Carly said she no longer had, Ghomeshi wrote: “I thought you were the prettiest one there.”I made another asterisk and wrote on my pad, “text messages deleted.” had asked her out.

Brown, a tall and imposing man who always seemed to be breaking a sweat, had, of course, spoken to her before.

But for the to be part of such a legally sensitive story, a staff journalist had to be involved.

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