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In her preteens she briefly attended Amelia Middle School when living in the midwest while her father did outreach in Cincinnati, Ohio.After moving back to Texas 20 months later, she attended J. Pearce High School in her teenage years, though she had to drop out in 1997 as her career began to take off; a year later she later earned her GED via distance learning through Texas Tech High School.back in April that she and Eric, 39, were hoping for a third child, telling the magazine that another baby “would definitely have to be a bit of a miracle” although the couple “always practice.”Bet, rewind for a sec..is Eric Johnson, again?Here’s what you need to know about Jessica Simpson's husband.

But when Jessica and Eric started dating in 2010, he was still legally married to stylist Keri D’Angelo, his wife of four and a half years, Eric was attending a two-year business program at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School, and left it in order to be near the singer in L. "He doesn’t want to move to Philadelphia and leave her so soon after they got together," a source told Obviously he’s married to someone super famous, but Eric doesn’t seem to have a public Instagram or Twitter account.

Eric also really hasn’t said anything about his famous wife or family in public.

When they got married, a sportswriter for called Eric (who briefly played for the New Orleans Saints) a "terrific guy and insightful interview.” “I never would have guessed that the journeyman tight end from Yale would be the Saint to marry a pop culture star,” the writer said.

Mottola wanted Simpson to embrace an "anti-sex appeal" image while promoting the record, as a contrast to highly successful artists Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

In a July 2001 interview with Coventry Newspapers, Simpson explained "I recorded [Sweet Kisses] when I was seventeen years old and I'm twenty-one [this month] so there is four years of growth involved." Though the album's first week sales were nearly double that of her previous effort, Irresistible failed to match the success of her debut album; the record earned a gold certification from the RIAA for sales of 500,000 copies.

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He went on to sign her to the label, claiming "She had a great little look and a great attitude, a fresh new face, and something a bit different than Britney and all of them; she could actually sing." While at a Christmas party in 1998, Simpson met 98 Degrees singer Nick Lachey, and the two began a romantic relationship; Lachey claimed that he left the party and proclaimed to his mother that he would marry Simpson some day.

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