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"The stars will be born from webcamming," she says. "You're laughing, you're meeting people, and then all of a sudden, your show's over, you close your computer, and it's just like the silence is almost deafening.

"These webcam videos will be porn." Online, the heart is a lonely hunter When your job is being a web cam show star, you tend not to have a lot of conference room meetings or water-cooler talk opportunities. You can’t hear your viewers, you only see them typing, but in your own bedroom there can be hundreds of people, and then it's gone." Night counsels performers to take care of themselves, to remember there's a world beyond the webcam.

I talked to Night about the webcam performer gig economy, how she became the Vince Lombardi of cam girls, and what the difference is between cam girls and porn stars.

It's the gig economy For over a decade, Night was a freelance makeup artist.

Nikki Night is 31, her hair a brilliant shade of ruby red.

Based out of Toronto, she's parlayed a gig as a cam girl into a career coaching other cam girls how to maximize their income.

" For about a month, she says, "I hemmed and hawed." Then she gave it a try, and, she says, "It was great." From the get-go, she approached the business of putting on webcam sex shows as exactly that: a business. The third month, she could pay her rent, all her bills, and was making more in monthly income than she ever had as a makeup artist. The average cam girl who works 20 hours a week, Night estimates, earns around ,500 a month. Cam girls make their money through a diverse range of revenue sources.

She created a file for keeping track of fans and finances, pinning down patterns that empowered her to increase her profitability. Still, she kept at it, working 12 hours days, six to seven days a week. Diversify, diversify, diversify All kinds of people make their living putting on sex cam shows: women, men, straight, gay, trans. Customers buy tokens they use to tip performers in live shows.

In this sex business, technology has cut out the middleman and closed the gap between performer and viewer.

She recommends the best webcams and shares tips on creating the most flattering lighting.

As far as Night's concerned, the key to outperforming the cam show competition is attitude.

The features are great and there’s a lot of action, including a very strong community, so you can meet like minded people on there too.

If you like the amateurs, then Cam Lords is what you should be using.

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After she got married, and divorced, she found herself struggling to pay her bills and make rent.

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