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He noticed two disturbed stone sarcophagii and an iron pump at this newly revealed level.The shaft continued for another fifteen metres to the chamber where he found that the water level had dropped by around five metres since his last visit.This anomoly descended at a twenty five degree angle and headed in the direction of the Sphinx two hundred and seventy five yards away.The alleged tunnel emerging from the tail of the Sphinx and heading under the causeway now starts to assume a new significance.Said uploaded photographs of the shaft and chamber to his Magical Eye website to accompany the programme.

Said wanted Schor to ask Dr Zahi Hawass (Director General of the Giza Plateau and Saqqara) to investigate further, for example by digging a hole to enter the tunnel.

Notwithstanding these points, Said played a major part in raising the profile of what would come to be known as the "Tomb of Osiris".

Sadly, Boris Said died of liver cancer on the 24th March 2002.

Said said that he was unaware that Schor's permit was revoked at the end of 1996 and they were operating under his photographic permit, and that for this reason Schor was reluctant to take the find to the Egyptian authorities.

Following this disagreement, Said and Schor parted company.

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