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Korean Dramas take an insane amount of space in our electronic lives.

Whether it is episode downloads, kiss scenes screenshots, “accurate” gifs, or clips of Oppa dancing to “New Face,” our computers and phones are suffering from fandom-induced lag.

It’s breezy and fun as we get to know this group of teenagers and go along with them on their relationship journeys.

Yet behind the fun was a melancholy undertone as it follows some serious issues the teens have to deal with.

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift to give a KDrama fan?

Or maybe you’d like a birthday gift for your Korean Drama loving friend that will make you their best bestie?

As a Korean Drama or K-Pop fan, at some point it hits you.: the desire to learn Korean.

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Just saying.) to special tools, to unique ingredients, there are so many things to delight your aspiring Korean chef.

Amazon’s Best Selling Korean Cookbooks Maangchi’s Real Korean Cooking: Authentic Dishes for the Home Cook A Korean Mother’s Cooking Notes Korean Home Cooking: Classic & Modern Recipes Korean Paleo Insta Pot/Rice Cooker Korean Chopstick & Spoon Set by Buyer Porcelain Rice Bowls Lunchbox Container Set Korean Ramyun Noodle Pot (w/ Chopsticks & Dish Scrubber) Stone Bowl for Bibimbap & Soup Stovetop Korean BBQ Grill Non-Stick Pan .

( Nothing is more obnoxious to a KDrama fan than reaching that crucial moment and then having to wait endlessly for ads. “Drama Addict” T-Shirt: We can’t help laughing at this fun play on the words “Drama Addict” and the Subway logo (known by every fan to be the ultimate KDrama date place.) Available in 4 colors and Women’s. One of the biggest struggles of being a Korean Drama lover (aside from having to wait for subtitles) is that your shows never air on TV.

Instead, we have to watch on tiny phone screens or laptops that run out of charge halfway through the episode.

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