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Regardless of these questions, the one thing Christians should be able to agree on is that trying to victimise someone because of their beliefs or sexuality is something that Christians shouldn't do.It’s one thing to say to someone privately that you think they are wrong about something, but it’s another altogether to encourage others to single them out for repeated harassment.If they can’t be on this issue (human sexuality) what about others, and why?Those who claim that it’s not possible to call one’s self gay and still be a Christian need to engage with these complexities.We quickly glammed up after a day of work, hopped in a car and made our way to London....DIVA also has new columnists, 'the Fab Five', consisting of the lovely Christian singer and broadcaster Vicky Beeching, the fab UK Black Pride director Lady Phyll Poku-Gymiahm, singer Heather Peace, BBC news reader Jane Hill and actress Sophie Ward.Because they took cover in Anglican provinces mostly in Africa (though some in Asia, Australia, and the Southern Cone also took part), the narrative that took shape suggested that those who were historically the ones being evangelized were now re-evangelizing the evangelizers.This narrative usually flies under the header of is a fairly engaging account.

Is there a particular "gay" experience of being a Christian?

The point of Holy Saturday is that the death of God, yes, does call us to a secular life, but secular on the terms of the God who reveals himself by descending into hell.

The word that this speaks is that you’re not allowed to start thinking about hope until (as John Dunne would have it) you’ve passed over to and come back from hell with God.

These questions strike to the heart of key questions of Christian identity and discipleship.

Christians who agree on key doctrinal positions can disagree on these issues, but should they fall out over them?

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