Vanessa williams dating babyface

It’s not all about finding passion, love, and chemistry. During a trip to Egypt—I go there often—the Egyptologist tour guide and I were talking about relationships and dating.She wound up sitting next to Jim on one of our excursions and thought we might hit it off.I want to be clear: I’ve been married three times, and all my husbands are good men.

(They wedded in 2015.) Along the way she’s collected plenty of wisdom about what it takes to make a marriage work—and what will send it off the rails.

I believe what you expect from marriage starts with how you’re raised—it’s the template for how you behave, what your comfort level is, and what you’re willing to tolerate.

My parents got married in 1960, but they had a very modern approach to their relationship.

My mother's always been extremely independent, and my father never gave her ultimatums: She was able to be who she wanted to be.

My expectations for a relationship were modeled on what I learned from them.

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