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Not sure if this is the best method, but I used the Number Validator to validate that a Combo Box has a valid selection (the selected Index property was equal to or greater than 0), and I used a combination of String Validator and Zip Code Validator to make sure that the user enters a US Zip 4 zip code. The Data Grid control is intended for viewing data, and not as a layout tool like an HTML table.Validates the measured size of the component If the Layout Manager.invalidate Size() method is called with this ILayout Manager Client, then the validate Size() method is called when it's time to do measurements.Dispatched by the drag initiator (the component that is the source of the data being dragged) when the drag operation completes, either when you drop the dragged data onto a drop target or when you end the drag-and-drop operation without performing a drop.For example, the row doesn’t get highlighted the same way and if you try to use the arrow keys of the keyboard to navigate between the rows after you have set any of the mentioned properties in code the row will lose its focus.It is however possible to select and focus a row in code and get the same behaviour as when using the mouse by accessing the visual user interface elements of the Data Grid control and calling the UIElement.The default number of displayed rows, including the header is 7, and each row, by default, is 20 pixels high.

This means that the item container generation and associated layout computation for a data bound item is deferred until the item is visible and only a subset of the controls for the data bound items is displayed on the screen at the same time.

Indicates whether the security restrictions would cause any display objects to be omitted from the list returned by calling the Display Object Objects Under Point() method with the specified point point.

draw Round Rect(x: Number, y: Number, width: Number, height: Number, corner Radius: Object = null, color: Object = null, alpha: Object = null, gradient Matrix: Matrix = null, gradient Type: String = "linear", gradient Ratios: Array = null, hole: Object = null):void Called by an Unconstrain Item Action effect as part of a data change effect if the item renderers corresponding to certain data items need to move outside the normal positions of item renderers in the control.

The particular cell of the row that will be returned from the method is decided by the column parameter.

If you for example pass a value of 0 as the column parameter, the leftmost cell will be returned.

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Dispatched when an item renderer loses focus, which can occur if the user clicks another item in the Data Grid control or clicks outside the control, or uses the keyboard to navigate to another item in the Data Grid control or outside the The color for the icon in a disabled skin.

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