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Its main, unique feature is a user interface named Touch FLO that detects a sweeping motion and can distinguish between a finger and a stylus.Touch FLO incorporates stylus-free access to a music player, a photo album, a video player and a picture-based contact book.(In the future there may be a newer stable release.) 7 ) Run RUU-Raphael-HTC-WWE-1.90.405.1-Radio-Signed-Raphael-CRC-.17-1.on your computer.The interface is similar to the SPL upgrade, but this upgrades the main ROM firmware.

p_id=­249&p_name=htc-touch-diamond2 direct lnk: Code//HTC Touch Diamon­d2/RUU_Topaz_S2_HKCSL_WWE_2.53.831.3_Radio_Signe­d_Topaz_61.44etc.25.35_4._From what i can gather on the internet, yes the upgrade is specific to the serial number locaed under the battery & that serial number is specific to their regions of sales.

Hard SPL will change the SPL firmware to allow any HTC Touch Pro ROM firmware to be installed.

4 ) Make sure your phone battery is more than 50% charged or the SPL and ROM firmware will not install.

Again, do not do anything on your phone or computer until the installer says the process is completed and your phone has restarted.

This firmware is very large so it will take several minutes.

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