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If so - power off and disconnect the Garmin and close the Web Update Program if it is running.Then plug the Garmin's USB cable into the other USB port and power it on. I am going off for the night - if you cannot wait, opt me out and another expert will assist.Otherwise, I will return tomorrow around noon your time. The Device Setting window states that if you dont see your device listed below connect it to your computer and turn on. Then the window states that some devices were foundm, however, none have the necessary capabilities.The Garmin Street Pilot c330 is part of Garmin’s “c” series, currently their most popular auto GPS navigation systems.The Street Pilot c330 will guide you to your destination with a 3.5 inch touch screen color display.

The portable c330 easily moves from vehicle to vehicle.The computer program will see the Garmin or ask for the model number from a list.Then follow the program instructions to update the operating system on the Garmin.If you are considering your first GPS system for your car, the Garmin Street Pilot c330 would be a fantastic pick.A week or so ago, there was a brief discussion on this board about updates for the C530 & C550 available on Garmin's website.

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I have a Garmin Street Pilot c330 that is several years old. Disconnect the Garmin from your computer and install the program first.

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