Traits of intimidating people

You have no problem changing your opinion or admitting you were mistaken if the other person makes a good case.So most of the time you don’t want to deal with close minded people, so you just walk away from them. Strong people know that and listen to others carefully.

Also, listening to others shows respect and empathy, because we all want to hear as well.For example, if you are not great at meeting new people, you practice.You put yourself in uncomfortable situations, where you have to start talking to people you don’t know. Every mistake, insecurity, and flaw is an opportunity to learn and to do better. You might meet a lot of haters in your life, but it is important not to lose your focus and know what matters.You might lose sometimes, but if you never try, you’re wasting all the time.When you do not feel confident about something in your life, you start to work on it.

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