Style format not updating

But the pre-set formatting may not suit your needs.

The color changes worked just fine, but when I went to change the sizes, the only items that changed when I modified the style was the ones for "County Name".It's like when I copy the page, the program is force-formatting all of my ungrouped text boxes with the size font they are, as opposed to leaving the size of the font to be dictated by the style.I'm guessing that by the lack of "here's where you are doing things wrong" responses that maybe this is just a bug.Changing the style works fine for me when I try to follow your steps.When a document doesn't respond to changes in a style definition, it's often because direct formatting has been applied after the style; the direct formatting overrides the properties from the style so changes in the style don't take effect. For example, I can change the style to use a colored background, and that works for all instances. Looking at the document xml, the copied page is actually different: it has a specific, direct text style applied to the ungrouped text box, that isn't present in the original page. I don't know what that means, but I have to agree with you, it looks like a bug.

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