Sikh rules on dating online dating really work

This approach may sound rather idealistic; however, it gives us a goal that we should strive to achieve.

Author hopes that this article will encourage more thinking on part of scholars, social scientists, parents and lead to more research on the subject.

There is also a taboo in the Punjabi culture to talk or discuss this process.

If at any stage they become courageous enough to speak against this oppressive practice and protest, it leads to more abuse and then breakup of marriage.The talk should be of interest to both parents and young adults.Dating- Some Guidelines from Gurbani about Finding Your Life Partner Introduction Finding a life partner is a very important part of one’s life. Gurinder Pal Singh “Dating” as commonly understood is not a Punjabi concept.For Sikh families following Punjabi traditions, Dating is commonly misunderstood both by parents and the young Sikh boys and girls.

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