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Then while taking apart in my usual Pinterest addiction, I came across this amazing tutorial from Jennifer at Paisley Pink Polkadots.So, I took myself down to my favorite craft store and bought the following items: 1. Letter Stickers (don’t be skimpy, better to have extra then run out! Paint After I painted the sign white (will make letters white) I marked & measured so my letters would go on straight. With this sign, I painted to many layers and it seeped under the stickers.

I can't say If, or when I'll be doing something like this again.

Wear this on your first internet date and see if your potential mate has a sense of humor. It was the main inspiration for this t-shirt and I hope it will help you find the love of your life. Should now have more vibrant colors.) Here's ones for the unlucky in love.

Those who are still single either by choice or by circumstance.

Our decals are premium quality, long-lasting, and proven to be resistant to harsh weather and cleaning products. Most of the times we are able to process your order within 8 hours and ship it next day.

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