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I had never done a big film before, I had never been the lead in a film before and any advice anyone wanted to give me, I was more than willing to take." The following year, Nichols played a member of a high school debate team in the independent film Debating Robert Lee (2004) and had a two-episode role in the crime drama television series Line of Fire (2004), which was cancelled after 11 of 13 produced episodes were broadcast.

By August 2004, she was cast in supporting roles in the horror films The Amityville Horror (2005) and The Woods (2006).

The series premiered in June 2005 and critical reception was mixed; it had been scheduled opposite the popular Dancing with the Stars on ABC, and due to low ratings six of the 13 produced episodes were aired. Following The Inside, Nichols found work on the fifth season of the serial action series Alias in 2005, being cast that July.

Nichols starred as Rachel Gibson, a computer expert who thought she was working for the CIA when in fact she was working for a dangerous terrorist organization—a situation similar to that of the series' main character Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner) the first season.

Of working on Alias, Nichols said that "to say it's the nicest set on the planet is an understatement".Her role involved multiple fight sequences, as did Garner's.Nichols worked with Garner's personal trainer; she said she "already knew that [Garner's] job was extremely hard.The Inside was originally supposed to air midseason, but the new pilot itself was reshot and the series was pushed back.The new concept made Nichols' character a rookie FBI agent assigned to the FBI's Los Angeles Violent Crimes Unit.

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She was noticed by a modeling agent during lunch one day and was invited to work in Paris; she eventually paid her tuition with the proceeds from her modeling work.

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