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Before I get too deep into things, let me give you a bulleted list of things that I discovered about the site: I was taken back to see that they tell you in plain black and white that this site is for “adult entertainment purposes” only.

They say that some of the profiles are generated by the company. You also didn’t come so they could take your profile info and use it to fool other people.

Almost every bogus site I have tried has done this exact same thing.

Your inbox is flooded with messages from hot girls flirting with you and they haven’t even seen your picture yet. The site’s layout and functionality is that of a social media site with a news feed where users supposedly post their status.

Here’s what I’m going to begin in this review of the so-called hookup and friends with benefits site Housewife Wanted. Just type the website address into the address bar of your browser and look at the paragraph below the sign-up button.

I’ll start by telling you that, before signing up even, I can already tell that it is a waste of time and a complete hoax. You’ll see the fine print on the registration form.

Conclusion: Housewife Wanted Is Not Your Answer To Finding Horny Housewives I’ll be the first one to admit when I find a good dating site.

Plus, you must be careful if you pay for a membership because you will be charged at the end of each billing cycle automatically unless you cancel.

Enter a nickname, a bit about yourself, what you are there for, your ethnicity, body type, and sexual interests.

I got inside and I was instantly sent 4 messages and 2 friend requests.

Before you jump on the bandwagon and try this site out, I want you to read this review.

Chances are that it’s not what you think and I’ve got better suggestions based on your needs.

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I only stayed because I was writing a review on it.

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