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Once I’d checked the sections of code they pointed to, the evidence was undeniable.

Those columns had been populated by bots, obediently checking in every time they talked to a human male.

In other words, the dramatic discrepancy between men and women is entirely because Ashley Madison’s software developers trained their bots to talk almost exclusively to men.

Two intrepid researchers came forward to tip me off to what those columns actually measured.

It also seems that Ashley Madison even keeps records of what each member says to the other in chat sessions.

Though partly corrupted, it did hold hundreds of readable internal emails that revealed the company was paying people to create fake women’s profiles and to chat with men on the site.

It also contained multiple git repositories, or containers for source code, that appear to go back to mid-2010.

Whatever the total number of real, active female Ashley Madison users is, the company was clearly on a desperate quest to design legions of fake women to interact with the men on the site.

The Ashley Madison source code comes from the second dump released by Impact Team; at 20 gigabytes compressed, it was about twice the size of the first.

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After searching through the Ashley Madison database and private email last week, I reported that there might be roughly 12,000 real women active on Ashley Madison.

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