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And I'm not just talking about the men who endorsed that op-ed about how it's okay to "date rape" girls who get drunk at frat parties.

I'm also talking about guys who think it's fine to pressure women into having sex without a condom, or those who don't mention it when the condom slips or breaks.

"She's not implying that gifted kids are homely rejects—Halpern, along with other researchers analyzing the link between sex and intelligence, controls for attractiveness, personal grooming, and affability, and the observed effect still holds.

It might be a question of priorities: "Pursuing education takes up a lot of time," Chandra says.

If you're in a relationship, don't lie to your partner or be deceitful in any way. Being truly honest with yourself and your lover is, ultimately, the sexiest thing of all. CELEBRATE SEX It's supposed to be fun, people — isn't that the whole point? As Abramson says, If you're not having fun, focus on any one of those things and it will become more playful, more exciting, more delightful. That has its own plentiful rewards, as do carefully conducted short-term flings, says Abramson.

"All in all, sex is a wonderful form of expression for many psychological and physiological reasons." 3.

Today, though, I'm going to start with a brief explanation of his six basic principles. DO NO HARM (including emotional harm) This one is kind of self-explanatory: Don't do anything that would harm yourself, or another person. But perhaps more worth mentioning — because most people try to avoid STDs but are more careless about avoiding psychological suffering — Don't "use" any one.

As Abramson says, "Sometimes it's easier to take one's clothes off than to shed the defenses that surround intimate desires or fears .... Or, to paraphrase New Hampshire's state motto: Keep your opinions off other people's bodies. KNOW YOURSELF This may sound like the easiest one, but it may very well be the toughest one — and yet, the better you know yourself, the better you will be able to do all the things listed above."It's a bit dismaying."And people with higher education levels generally have lower numbers of sexual partners.The latest National Survey of Family Growth shows that, for example, men with college degrees are half as likely to have had four or more partners in the last year as men with a high school education alone. Carolyn Halpern, a professor at the UNC School of Public Health, found a high concentration of teen virgins at the top of the intelligence scale.Tina Fey and scholar James Franco are some of the hottest names in Hollywood—and they're as smart as they are eye-catching.But for ordinary eggheads, the intellect that serves so well in the boardroom might need an assist in the bedroom."Intelligence is negatively associated with sex frequency," says Rosemary Hopcroft, a sociologist at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

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Much as I'm down on psychotherapy, I think everyone can benefit from a year of talking yourself out with a professional; it's a great way to help you understand yourself better. So does talking to empathetic friends who are good listeners.

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