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The Greenville company, under the able leadership of Sheriff Plant made a brilliant campaign but Clingman was never encountered and he finally left the country, but not until he had done considerable damage. Kingsbury, A prominent lawver from 1856 until his death in 1893. They went to Banner's house at nine o'clock the night of December 8, 18G4, with the expec- tation of Binding some deserters, as it was said that Banner harboured such persons.

One of the tragedies of this period in Greenville was the murder of Captain Samuel G. Among others Captain Mc Adams was summonel by Provost Marshal Murdock to assist in the arrest of one Jacob Sanner, who lived near Robert C. The marshal first ap- proached the door and made his business known, and being refused admittance, the Captain stepped up, and, taking ho U of the door knob, said to Sanner that he had better not offer any resistance but comply with the law and he would be treat- ed like a man.

And there was really no especially mark- ed advancement until the industrial period of a few years ago swept over the city and the era of factories dawned in Greenville.

Since then the advancement has been by rapid strides and the city is eagerly seek- ing the rolling lands to the north- east, east, southeast, and south, where modern homes are almost daily being built.

The funeral was held at the court house, addresses being made by the Rever- end G. Business increas- ed, brick blocks replaced frame buildings in the business center and an uncertain and transient trade be- came augmented and permanent. During the year 1869 no less than 75 buildings were erected in Green- ville — more than all the improve- ments of the previous decade. Buie's addition to his store, Holies and Sons' brick bank building, the brick with the mansard roof by Wm. Smith & Co., known later as the National Bank building, and many other busi- ness houses, besides residences, as well as two new flouring mills, one by Mc Lain and Wafer and the other by C. In 1S7G, the centennial year, the Greenville Advocate paid special attention to the early history of the city and county, and through the efforts of the Reverend Thomas W. Greenville then had three banks, the First National, Bradford's and Holies'. ■^S/ E are now coming rapilly to ' ' days well remembered by many people who now live in Green- ville and as we approach the pres- ent there is less to be said, without going into an exhaustive resume of the times. Allen, Deceased, Who came to Greenville in 1855, and formed a partnership with Dr. This was a good year for wheat, for the local papers tell us that in one week the last of July ISSO, two Greenville banks paid out ,245 for wheat and this did not include the business of the mills and small buyers. THE opening of this decade marks a new era in the history of Greenville.

The railroad awakened a spirit of enterprise that hat been lying dormant for want of opportuni*y or development. Among the new blocks and buildings were the Morse block, (destroyel by fire October 27, 1904) the J. The eighties opened up in Green- ville with a cyclone, the most se- vere winlstorm in the city's history. It is chiefly the in- dustrial spirit that predominates in the nineties, and, in fact, up to the present time.

Ac- cordingly they put whip and spur to their horses in order to pass out at the mouth of the lane before the others could reach it. Hubbard, one of Jett's men was overtaken and asked to sur- render and failing to do so was shot twice. at first, did not recognize Hubbard, and Hubbard, on the other hand, did not recognize his captors.

There was a great sorrow because of the death of these two beloved men. D Wi LKi NS, Deceased, Who came to Greenville in 1854 and practiced medicine until a few vears priur to his death July 22, 1905. As soon as the farmers found here a market for their products, they came here to trade, and merchants soon discover- ed that a new order of things had been inaugurated. Moss, Trustee and one of tbe founders of Green- Owner of large property interests. In the year 187 4 there were so many burglaries that the business men met at the First National Bank and arranged for a night watchman and Greenville has not been with- out such an official since. Toward the end of the decade, in 1877, to be exact, many new residences spoke of Increased population. ment and services at the church were dismissed, while people rushed frantically about searching for their loved ones, and finding all safe, al- though some were bruised. Vernon was visited by a cyclone Greenville sent 7.30 to the sufferers of that city.

Morris, A former real estate man, now living at Toledo, Ohio. Sanner refused and at the same time made some threat.

Captain Mc Adams replied that he was not afraid but that he insisted on what he had a lawful right to do. a musket through the door shutter, the en- tire load taking effect in the Cap- tain's abdomen, making eight holes in his person, there being one ball and seven buck shot in the gun.

Paisley, at once, made a strategetic movement upon Jett's party for the purpose of hemming them in the lane and forcing a surrender.

It did not take long for Jett's force which was the smaller and was composed entirely of citi- zens, to decide upon a retreat.

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