Scorpio male dating

The scorpion is a creature of extremes, and having a mellower, emotional partner to support and follow them is always beneficial.

Unfortunately, two Scorpios may constantly battle over leadership, and their energy has no off button.

Their secretive nature is apparent in everything they do, but it can become negative in a relationship with another Scorpio.

The scorpion loves finding out every last secret of his or her partner but guards their own secrets as if their lives depended on it.

A dual Scorpio friendship or intimate relationship is considered risky, but very high reward if everything goes well.Scorpio is well-known for having an extremely high sex drive that often causes problems with less sexually driven signs.When in a matched pair, this problem rarely presents itself, and both partners feel unrestrained in their favorite form of emotional expression.What better best friend is there than another Scorpio who you know will offer you the same absolute loyalty?With their zeal for making friendships last a lifetime, there are few, if any, roadblocks to a friendship between them.

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  1. I don't think it would be wise considering the pace in which things are moving." We started off with both of us saying we wanted to move slow and develop a solid friendship first and I thought the pace was just fine, until he turned down my invitation to the dance.