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Let us know what you think about Rihanna plastic surgery rumours.Hassan Jameel is a successful Saudi businessman best known as the deputy president and vice chairman of Abdul Latif Jameel, the family-owned company with deep roots in Turkey, North Africa and the Middle East.Could it be due to the push up effect of her dress? You be the judge: So, did Rihanna undergo a boob job? It is unlikely that she would undergo anything so drastic. Her recent increase in breast size is likely due to a slight weight gain.

Obviously her cleavage has raised lots of speculations. Let’s have more discussion on her boobs size, shall we? Check it out: In Jan 2009, Rihanna attended the RIAA and Feeding America’s Inauguration Charity Ball at Ibiza.

Till date, we have not heard of such extreme plastic surgery performed on any musician.

As Rihanna once mentioned that she is afraid to go under the knife, we think it is highly unlikely for her to reduce the size of her forehead surgically.

Born in 1988, she came to United States at a tender young age of 16 and gained fame at a very young age.

And by adding acting to her portfolio, there is a definite need to look Her album sales records are hard to refute.

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Check it out: Rihanna was spotted dining at the Da Silvano Restaurant in New York City in 2014.

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