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I found the interface not to my liking—there are icons next to each account, which makes the layout look busy, and I found its register view confusing: Notice that entries take up two rows, but the white/blue background alternates every other row…so if you’re glancing at the register, it’s nearly impossible to pick out one transaction unless you click on it to select it.(It’s easy to tell them apart in this four-line partial register, but in the full register with comments on the second line for many entries, everything blends together.) Moneydance is a Java app.Going in, I was dead set against it, mainly due to its annual subscription structure.(I hate subscription software in general, but as it turns out, this one isn’t really a subscription.) Read on for brief overviews of each of these three apps (with more detail on Quicken) and my rationale for deciding on Quicken.Outside of that, Direct Access is a per year subscription.Banktivity doesn’t have any of the “non-native” issues I found in Moneydance; the app looks and feels like a traditional Mac app, and opening an account window from the account list is speedy.It looks very busy, but once you get into an account, the view is much cleaner than Moneydance: This view can also be infested with icons, but those can (thankfully) be disabled in the app’s preferences.

This was the first app I looked at, and I pretty quickly ruled it out.This is true even if it’s an account I just opened and then closed.Due to these issues, I quickly decided that Moneydance was not for me.1) Your account has a cash balance (positive or negative).This likely means your retirement accounts or an IRA was incorrectly identified in Quicken as a brokerage account.

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