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Discussing ways to end the blockade was not on the agenda.“It seems that the Qataris, the people as well as the government, have closed the door a bit on trying to get back into the G. “They want to get this resolved, but the threshold for finding a solution to the crisis is very low.”Qatar would like progress on certain issues, like being able to use its neighbors’ airspace and some easing of travel restrictions for families separated by the crisis, he said.“Nothing else is itching or hurting them anymore,” he said.

Some of the relatives had cut off all but basic communication, fearful of being accused of disloyalty by their governments. One said he had enrolled in a summer program at an Emirati university but lost his tuition payment of more than ,000 when the blockade began.But that demand has been a nonstarter, too.“Al Jazeera continues its business as normal,” Abdulla al-Najjar, an executive at the channel, said in an interview.The channel had been outlawed and blocked on digital platforms in the blockading countries, he said.The country’s vast wealth cushioned the blow of the blockade.Qatar dipped deeply into its 0 billion reserve funds to establish new trading partners, build up domestic industries and, in some cases, create new ones from scratch.

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