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Action packed all the way through and never a dull moment from the very beginning to the end.

Although I liked the ending, they could have included just a simple 5 more minutes (instead of only 10) to create a clear conclusion.

The writing, the production and the acting just leave you speechless!!!!

Second to “Time Between Dog and Wolf” is “3 Days” after these two, the rest are barely mimicking.

Before there were “IRIS 1 and 2, My girlfriend is an agent, SPY and all of the more current ones” there was “Time Between Dog and Wolf.” This is by far the best spy show outhere.

Do not get fool by the year it was produced (2007).

Therefore, to a modern viewer, this will feel dated and for some, that may very well be a turn off but if you do persevere, the payoff is worth it.

Critical and climactic scenes are generally grounded by solid performances from everyone -- leads and support but the heart of TTBDa W is in its subtleties that are couched very neatly inside major movement of the plots.

They should also do a sequel for Il-Jimae, since it was similarly inconclusive. All of actors who act in this are amazing and really believable, i am not someone who rate everything high and perfect, but this show really can make me feel everything.. It's logical and rational too, i haven't watched all lee joon gi's drama and movies but i guess, this is his best drama so far that i have watched.This drama needs a sequel, because it ended non-conclusively.Leaving it uncertain as to whether or not the hero actually died...some ppl/fanz might find the ending lil unjustified but guys 'suhyun'.gi's character did not get shot in the end as min gi saved him..don't apply too much brain....hehehe..just a drama....for me what was equally interesting thing is the character of jeewoo the leading lady of the drama!..simplicity and yet firm determination is so refreshing for me for a character who on numerous occassion protected suhyun's life....of romance scenes are really heart warming...go explore for yourselves or if u really love joon gi like me...:) Good drama but terrible ending The acting was great throughout and the cast really portrayed their characters well but the ending was so flawed that it ruined the drama for me (spoiler alert) I swear Kay got shot at least 5 times to the abdomen (also in the leg and hand) so how the hell was he still alive?

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