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Black Dub turn their collective back on all that, focusing instead on a gorgeous exchange of ideas manifest in sound.In many ways, their work harkens back to jazz, with its focus on group dynamic, interplay, improvisation, and experimentation.Whether steaming through blues-influenced numbers like "Silverado", the gospel-meets-blues hip-swaying meditation of "Nomad Knows", or the earthy, 21st century psychedelia of "Ring The Alarm", one was continually reminded (whether via rimshots, timbres, key changes, well-placed pauses, or a combination therein) of the magical chemistry at work between these accomplished individuals.

The last winner of Gentils Garçons cd is Bart from Utrecht, who was 'dead drunk' when he wrote this entry. If I would start about my favorite chanson sung by a man, I should actually write about my all-time favorite: Jean Ferrat's La Montagne. The zipper of comments that ran along the side of the live feed was filled with impatience, excitement, and even a few hilarious observations from people in the Bowery's capacity audience (ie: "I can't see who's in the VIP section.Granny's eyesight is bad here.") Watching the mix of images and reactions, there was, I felt, an truly intimate quality to this kind of live event; with just a cozy room to play in and a friendly crowd sharing thoughts and reactions in real time to Vollick's every close-up and wide pan, it was the kind of communal, creatively connected experience that nicely reflected the band's ethos."Surely" by Black Dub As for sound, trying to categorize Black Dub's music is no easy task.During the hour-long set, the band covered a good bit of their own material along with some Lanois favorites, and proved why their upcoming release is one of the most anticipated of the year.Images displayed in the run-up to the show were a surreal, ambient mix that reminded me of the work of artists as wide afield as the Emergency Broadcast Network and Bill Viola to Mark Rothko, and even Antonioni.

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  1. at Pure nightclub." The publication alleged that the pair "danced and cuddled on the VIP bed and even shared a quick kiss," and that the unexpected union was bound to come as a surprise to many.