Most intimidating animals in the world

Each of these rapid succession of bites is capable of injecting a similar amount of venom.

With the longest fangs of any of Australia’s venomous snakes the taipan can inject its powerful neurotoxin deep into the victim’s tissues.

On the other hand a snake like the Indian cobra has venom over 30 times less potent than the inland taipan yet kills thousands of people every year.

In my opinion this makes the cobra a far more deadly snake that the taipan, and that is why you will find it on this list.

Worthy of particular mention amongst this group are the common lancehead ( Unlike the previous two snakes which possess a neurotoxic venom, the lancehead’s venom is hemotoxic.

When a coastal taipan feels the need to defend itself it goes into full attack mode.

There is no messing around with ‘dry bites’, in over 80% of cases a large dose of venom is delivered, often in repeated strikes.

Regardless of where the name comes from though, these are a very dangerous snake indeed.

Their venom is some of the most powerful on earth and contains neurotoxins capable of causing paralysis of the respiratory system and death.

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The reason for this misconception was that unlike other snakes, which tend to slither away when a human approaches, the death adder doesn’t.

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