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There are hundreds of online dating services that enjoy popularity with single men and women all over the world.

POF (Plenty of Fish) is one of such websites, which has millions of users in Canada, the US, Australia and the UK.

Markus coded the website without any extra assistance and applied his programming knowledge and experience he has attained during long years of studying and persistent work.

One of the most appealing and attention-grabbing features of the newly launched dating website was its affordability, because the site was completely free.

For example, since the site launched its app in 2011, up to 75 per cent of its users are now landing on the site via a mobile device.

“For us to get more market share, now we have to make online dating acceptable, which basically means it has to be more and more effective for people so they spend less time using it,” Frind explains.

“So the less time people spend using online dating and the more effective it is, the more people will start using it." The people I learned the most from were teachers in school.

Four years later (in 2008) he made up his mind to start hiring new employees in order to expand the business.

Due to such fruitful cooperation, the website became extremely popular both with Canadian residents and those from the US, the UK, Australia and other countries.

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