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Indiana has no breeding population of mountain lions.However, data collected by the Cougar Network and other states over the past decade suggest mountain lions are appearing outside their traditional Western range.The DNR receives many mountain lion reports through this system.However, most sightings prove to be a species other than a mountain lion, are inconclusive, or are part of an internet hoax.To report a mountain lion sighting or encounter use this online large mammal report form.The prospect of mountain lions alarms many citizens; however, the likelihood of encountering a mountain lion in Indiana is remote.Hood in spite of "inconclusive" DNA testing, and a cougar was also blamed for the death of a cyclist in Washington this year — fatal cases that have been unheard of for decades in both states, if not longer. - Install motion-activated light outdoors along walkways and driveways. If You Encounter a Cougar - Cougars often will retreat if given the opportunity.

Wildlife officials believe that a cougar was responsible for the recent death of a hiker near Mt. - Remove heavy brush from near the house and play areas.

If the landowner/tenant wishes to have someone else kill the mountain lion, that person must get a permit from the DNR Division of Fish & Wildlife.

Any mountain lion killed should be immediately reported to a DNR wildlife biologist or Central Dispatch of Indiana DNR Law Enforcement.

— Several Ashland citizens have spotted cougars prowling through downtown lately, and the Ashland Police Department (APD) is warning people to be on the lookout and report those sightings promptly.

"There have been a couple of cougar sightings around Safeway and the downtown fire station over the last several days," APD said in a Facebook post.

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