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July 12, 1911; E 260782; Walker & Walker & Posner, New York, N. Afterwhile; words by George Nor- ton, music by Shep Camp. June 30, 1911; E 261238; Frederick Allen Mills, New York, N.

Advance (The) of the regulars; march and two-step by C. Advice gratis ; written by Percy Ed- gar, composed by Reg Low ; in D. July 3, 1911 ; E 261405; Francis, Day & Hunter, London, England. Notice is hereby given to the author, copyright proprietor, or other lawful claimant of any printed musical composition deposited for copyright registration in the office of the Librarian of Congress during the years 1870 to 1879, inclusive, that any such author, copy- right proprietor, or other lawful claimant may send to the Register of Copyrights his full name, the full title of the musical composition, the year in which copyright registration was made, and, if possible, the number under which such musical composition was entered for copyright, with a request for its return. On receipt of such informa- tion and request, such musical composition will be returned to the author, copj^right proprietor, or other lawful claimant, unless it has been otherwise disposed of according to law. von Christian Morgenstern, English version by Edward Oxenford, inusik von Felix Weingartner, op. Application for the return of such musical composition should be made as early as possible during the year 1911. RECIPROCAL PKOTECTION OF MUSIC AGAINST UNAU- THORIZED EEPEODUCTION BY MECHANICAL MUSI- CAL INSTRUMENTS, The United States now has reciprocal copyright protection of music against unauthorized reproduction by mechanical musical instruments in the case of Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg, and Norway. If no such applica- tion has been received during said year, such musical composition may be disposed of in accordance with the provisions of section 60 of said act. The President signed proclamations to this effect on the following dates : Belgium (June 14, 1911), Germany (Dec.

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