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In a plan that is definitely not a bad idea, Lindsay has moved just down the .. Michael Lohan, father of hell beast Lindsay Lohan, was attacked outside of his Santa Monica home late last night, and I was no where near the area at the time.Did you know that Gwyneth Paltrow and Lindsay Lohan were best friends that cheered each other up when they were feeling blue? A currently unidentified assailant allegedly assaulted Michael Lohan, slashing his neck and arm with what police believe was a knife, but it was actually more ..It is just sad that she decided to do drugs that today her body is just messed up but hey, the kinky pics released show she is still bangable.She shows it all off and gets her pussy eaten out like no tomorrow.Celeb Jihad has obtained an exclusive list of the stolen items that police have recovered thus far.

In news that makes us question the validity of “you can’t keep a good man down,” Lindsay Lohan has done her court-ordered time at the Betty Ford Clinic and is now free to do what she does best: drugs. So when Gwyneth called Lohan “crazy” on the stain of a TV show that America calls “Glee”, Lohan had had enough and DID THE ONLY THING SHE ..I’m going to guess that her new password is either 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 or 6 – 9 – .. Normally I have to punch a girl repeatedly in the mouth to achieve such an aesthetically pleasing look.It is great that Lindsay found a doctor to do it for her because my hand is starting to hurt.Her butt looks pretty good though Lindsay “Fire Crotch” Lohan is suspected of stealing 0,000 worth of jewels from an Elle photo shoot.At the shoot for “Elle” magazine in London, the actress posed with a “Dior” diamond necklace – but allegedly walked off without giving it back.

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