Leo man dating scorpio woman

She can be a wife and a mother, but only for a while until she needs to spread her wings and fly.

Scorpio man always feels a strong attraction towards Leo woman who is so sensual and warm from the first day.

A Leo woman is generous, warm, caring and extremely social.

Her independence and persona are very attractive and deserves applause.

This is an intense, often rocky, and passionate pairing.

A relationship between Leo woman and Scorpio man is a passionate meeting full of power and pride.

Her frigid nature and jealousy that rears its ugly head from time to time only sets to excitement of him making their sexual life even more complicated.

She despises the fact that his deep gaze and intellect tries to pick her apart and analyze her further to find out what makes her tick.Getting in a relationship with Scorpio is no less then a dream come true for any woman as he is one man who gives loyalty, admiration and tender love altogether making a woman to live her life to its fullest.Never deceive a Scorpio because his rage is the last thing one will want to experience.Her skepticism and jealous nature gets to him as he constantly needs her warmth and affection to keep him happy.If he doesn’t get this, he tends to get a bit skeptical and jealous himself.

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