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She worked hard, got herself out of welfare, advanced rapidly through her chosen profession, and brought up two fine children. Judy Bradford was a smart, assertive, take-charge sort of person who took pride in her street-smarts and ability to look after herself.

While working as a home-care nurse for a dying Boston man, Judy became acquainted with her patient's son, a successful lawyer named Jeffrey Smith. After being together for ten years, the couple finally married in November 1986.

Whatever caused Judy to vanish occurred during the next eight hours.

After the Philadelphia police turned up no trace of Judy, Jeff had no choice but to return home to Boston.

Jeff reluctantly agreed and the two met up in Philadelphia later that night.

The next day Judy went sightseeing while Jeff attended his conference.

The pathologist report indicates that there were puncture wounds and cuts on the bra which could be consistent with stab wounds.” Police requested Judy’s dental records after seeing Jeff’s “missing” flyers in the area.From his office, he faxed and mailed 9,000 flyers about Judy up and down the Eastern seaboard. But according to Jeff, they uncovered no significant clues.Then, five months after Judy had vanished, a father and son noticed something strange while hiking near Asheville, North Carolina.I guess you always anticipate that your parent will die, but not early.We always talked about when I would have kids and looking forward to that day and I guess I just never thought that she wouldn’t be there for that.” No one could understand how Judy ended up so far away from Philadelphia. Four eyewitnesses in Asheville claimed to have seen Judy just days after she vanished.

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