Is common and serena still dating

As a matter of fact the Rapper/Actor will at some point, pop up in Paris to support his girlfriend at the French Open.Earlier in the month In Touch Weekly reported that the couple had “grown apart”, and ended thier relationship.Now Common is very attractive, and his music is "dope" (gotta use classic language for a classic talent), but he is hella-vegetarian-thin. Not two people I would couple world it would be Common and kay p[/quote] don't know why he's with her. ) who are strongly attracted to dark skinned sistahs, sistahs that are built and sistahs that look like they'll leave they ass bruised, chaffed and dehydrated... » EXCLUSIVE: The Black Girl Love Fest At Black Girls Rock!Jackie Long, though also thin, has a little more heft to him...a brilliant smile...flawless chocolate complexion..the hell am I saying?! I'm sorry if I seem a little "fresh" today ladies and gents but last night was..let's just say that it's springtime, my man was in rare form and the birds & the bees got gangsta as hell last night :-D Ahhhhhhhhh, I Love Brothers! Is Everything You Need & More» EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK: A Fight In The Lobby Between Gizelle & Karen On 'RHOP' Is Messier Than We Thought» EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Model & Miguel's Better Half Nazanin Mandi Reveals How Overcoming Body Dysmorphia & Eating Disorders Led To Her 'Body Of Work'» Houston Man SHOOTS Two Men After They Tried To 'Catcall' His Girlfriend At A Gas Station - WATCH» When The 'D' Appointment Doesn't Show Up!“Dear “boy” that reads my tweets and tells “The Bread” everything I say. That same year in an interview with the athlete had no problem explaining why the two went their separate ways. The Jasmine Brand is reporting that the “boy” that Serena is referencing is actually Common’s girlfriend. We’re not sure where all of the animosity came from but that tweet is absolutely hilarious. No one wants to be stalked by their ex-boo’s new girlfriend.» Stars Align To 'POWER' Up At MSG For Season Finale Premiere 50 Cent & His Rumored Boo Make It Red Carpet Official» Idris Elba Makes 'Hobbs & Shaw' Premiere A Gorgeous Family Affair While The Rock Snaps It Up With Everybody Before Brief Scare» SHE'S LEGAL, LEGAL!Scott Disick Cops Sofia Richie An Aston Martin For Her 21st Birthday » Bad Gal Ri Ri Popped Out Ready To Turn All The Way Up At Barbados Crop Over After Gathering Trump» STILL FAMILY!

Earlier this week, the four-time Olympic gold medalist took to her Twitter page with a sub tweet that it didn’t take nosy folks like us a long time to decode. If you all remember, Common and Serena were rumored to have been in a two-year relationship, which ended in April 2010.

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the argument ur having is "young" and calling first is very young. [/quote] [quote comment="71469"]1st[/quote] [quote comment="71471"]first[/quote] [quote comment="71472"]Ok fourth, top 5.[/quote] So what? That first, sexond, top 5, top 10 ish is like scratches on a damn chalk board. I love Raven, joker face and all :)[/quote] Just Nikki, I know it happens on just about every blog. Everytime, I see Mariah I can't help but think about Tiny..they really do resemble each other.[/quote] She looks like Kelly Taylor from Beverly Hills, 90210 too. Now Common is very attractive, and his music is "dope" (gotta use classic language for a classic talent), but he is hella-vegetarian-thin. He got "strumth" in them arms and and that chest and them lips and those eyes..... in other news, that's crazy they didn't let common in... Get over it folks, why is it know one wants Common to be with a real sista? [quote comment="71617"][quote comment="71525"]common is fine - Serena not so much.

[quote comment="71513"]I can't even imagine them makeing love! Common is so sexy and Serena is so UNsexy she aint bad lookin but she aint got no sex appeal @ all but if that's what d man lkes well ok..of luck 2 them both(hope they break up soon..hahahah...evil;) I for one am proud of Ms Rena for classying up her look up a bit.

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Many find this to be an intriguing pot-calling-the-kettle-black kind of situation, but we won’t go there today. According to All Hip, Serena is calling him the bread-winner in the relationship because clearly Common is the one with cash and she’s claiming the new chick is broke.

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