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According to the evidence presented at trial, from February 2006 through June 2015, Neba and others conspired to defraud Medicare by submitting over million in false and fraudulent claims for home health services to Medicare through Fiango Home Healthcare Inc., owned by Neba and her husband, Ebong Tilong, 53, also of Sugarland, Texas.The trial evidence showed that using the money that Medicare paid for such fraudulent claims, Neba paid illegal kickbacks to patient recruiters for referring Medicare beneficiaries to Fiango for home health services.However, they did not make that clear when they took my money.I often get asked by people, mostly my friends, that do I have my personal style rules? And then they expect me to say “uhmmn, I don’t wear this”, “I avoid that,” and “I hate color combinations”. I mostly consider the situation, environment and culture when I dress and style people.I signed up and paid with my visa to meet and date not real live women on No service received and company’s disclaimer admits to fictitious listings.Neba also paid illegal kickbacks to Medicare beneficiaries for allowing Fiango to bill Medicare using beneficiaries’ Medicare information for home health services that were not medically necessary or not provided, the evidence showed.Neba falsified medical records to make it appear as though the Medicare beneficiaries qualified for and received home health services.

This course is wrong: Idea we are going to solve is misnormal. We need more holistic, Open Collaborative Data-driven, experimental, We have the opportunity to co-create governance Institutions seek input from citizens for experts to inform how they make decisions. Let’s take for example, the wearing of sun glasses indoors, I still don’t understand the rationale behind it and it is very common among our celebrities. Understanding this would prevent you from looking stupid.So before you wear those shades indoors because you think it’s a cool style, ask yourself why? And I also think awon ‘face cap people’ are a great example of why this rule is important, you probably know them, those that wear face caps and wear it with everything, sometimes you look out of place with it. Understand that face cap is a very casual fashion accessory and it’s not to be worn everywhere.You can wear the most expensive clothes and look like a child because you are not bothered about how you look. Dressing good gives you this unimaginable boost of self-esteem, it raises your confidence, makes you feel good about yourself. Sometimes when I tell people I share an emotional bond with my clothes, they give me this weird funny look and then I get the talk about being vain, but really what I mean is I understand my clothes, I understand some bits about fashion maybe not all because trust me fashion rules are a lot and they change every time. Understand some basic things like trouser cuffs gives you an informal look and that suits should be void of cuffs and also that some fashion accessories can make your dressing look really good and some can make you look stupid.Trying to memorize the dos and don’ts of fashion can be extremely confusing. Understanding your fashion is knowing why, I understand that sometimes fashion rules can be stylishly broken but you need to know what you are doing and why.

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This is my first rule; give a damn about what you are wearing.

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