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From the start I focused on the fundamental question: "Who are we designing for? Personas are a great tool for understanding a product's core users, their needs and what they are trying to achieve—they represent user types synthesized from user research.

It was also fascinating, and interesting to learn how to design widgets that would integrate well into various use cases and screens sizes.

If you read my column last week, and you find yourself on a date wondering how to keep conversation going…Then you know that asking a bunch of questions on a date isn’t always a great idea.

So, then, you may be wondering…So today, I’m going to show you how to keep the conversation going when you’re not answering or asking questions.

The company also wanted an Apple Watch app, so people could check occupancy rates for a variety of establishments at a glance.

The design needed to be minimalistic and clean so people could read it quickly.

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