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A trully powerful woman can shift easily from being successful, rational and still bringing her feminine touch in the business world to being soft and caring with her man at home.We don’t need men to do anything for us, but it is nice to be spoiled and loved by our men, it frees us and makes us access more of who we are which brings authentic happiness.Passion means polarity and attraction towards your partner’s energy and that energy needs to be the opposite of your own energy.When you are outside of your core you are wearing a mask that it’s making you feel miserable and you don’t even know what is happening or what you should do.Aggressive women see the feminine ones as weak, but in reality they are denying their own nature.The soft woman is peaceful and beautiful, nurtures, laughs a lot and flows freely with who she is at her core.The masculine is goal driven, and is attracted to the sensitivity and vulnerability of the feminine.The feminine is free flowing, creative, nurturing and is attracted towards the strenght and protectiveness that the masculine energy has.

True strenght comes in being vulnerable and open to life though."During the first year of my transition I did discover that I have a growing attraction to men, something I never had before.I had by then been in a wonderful 11-year relationship with a woman who is still my partner today."Being newly minted with the label of pansexual and beginning to identify as polyamorous (legitimizing in a way years of consensual and healthy non-monogamy), I entered the dating pool primarily through online dating.Women are the rhythm and dance of life; we make our men see the beauty and color in life.Our men are there to provide and protect the space where we can do that dance, where we can feel free to express the love inside of us and get them to move from their masculine world focused on how can I successfully get from point A to point B to the feminine way of let’s take the detour and smell the roses on the way there.

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As a woman you can do everything a man can and even more, no doubt about it.

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