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it just says that Computing should be taught but gives no further detail.The following list of topics (with links to free resources) is more a specification or programme of study than a scheme of work, but it represents what I would like students to know by the time they leave school.You will need to type the letters you see below the last field into the box in order to verify that you are human!PLEASE NOTE: WE WILL NOT RESPOND TO NON-TECHNICAL QUESTIONS.Please read the FAQ or get in contact using the form below.Computing In the Digital Age we currently live in, it has become as important as learning to read or write for children to understand not just how to use computers, but also to understand how they work and how to code.

I have written an article to help you, which explains how I think that the representation of data links the whole of Computing. While it's better to design your own scheme of work, I appreciate that some non-specialists will struggle to do so.

One of the reasons that I prefer KS3 Computing to the old KS3 ICT curriculum is that the topics link to form a coherent whole, and my students appear to like that too.

In , John Hattie identifies linking areas of the curriculum as one of the top ten most-effective teaching techniques, and empirical evidence suggests that this is something that teachers from a non-Computing background struggle to do.

The list includes, and expands upon, those topics included in the , and you can concentrate on practising programming techniques for the controlled assessments and revising for the exam.

There are no attainment targets in the new National Curriculum, so I have split the course into six sections that map approximately to the bullet points in the KS3 curriculum: Notice that I don't see "computational thinking" as a separate topic - it's more a side-effect of having sound knowledge and understanding of the other topics in the curriculum, and being able to link them together.

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I have created a second page to show the order that I teach these topics in the first year of my KS3 Computing course, and here I describe how the curriculum map can be used to create a scheme of work.

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