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, examined the link between a prostitute's age and the price she charges.

And survey data revealed another discrepancy: high school boys said they would be quite interested in college-age women, even though they knew they were very unlikely to attract those older women.If you're a tall, athletic, confident 40-year-old man with a great sense of humor, you won't have too much trouble finding someone anywhere in the age range 18-29 to have sex with. Just saying it would seem the data could be just as influenced by what women want as what men want, via supply and demand.And what it seems to suggest, in my simplified example anyway, is that there are more 40-year-old men who want no-strings-attached sex with a 20-year-old woman than the other way around.In which case what they want can influence the price just as much as what men want.If you're an NBA superstar you easily have a limitless supply of younger women of any age for free sex.

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Economists call this "revealed preferences," assuming that the amount we are willing to pay for any commodity gives a good index of how much we value it.

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  1. Instead, the paper offered dating advice that is a relic of a time before the internet, when people were advised, to maximize the potential for romance on a Staten Island ferry ride, to “Check a daily paper to find out what time the sun will set on the day you want to go—that’s the most exquisite time for boating with a date.” Another article proposes “[getting] yourself a small fondue set, if you don’t already have one,” leaning heavily into the spirit of the decade.