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It was that same familiar Clinton move “from aid to trade.” Bill Clinton’s program for Haitian development, designed by Oxford University economist Paul Collier, “had garment exports at its center.” Collier wrote that because of “propitious” factors like “poverty and [a] relatively unregulated labor market, Haiti has labor costs that are fully competitive with China.” But the Clintons’ role in Haiti would soon expand even further.In 2010, the country was struck by the worst earthquake in its history.“At noon, the class gets so hot, kids get headaches,” the 12-year-old said, wiping beads of sweat from her brow.She is worried because “the kids feel sick, can’t work, can’t advance to succeed.” The most notorious post-earthquake development project, however, was the Caracol industrial park.And while some of that money has been put toward temporary housing, almost none of the funds have been used for rubble removal. [that] do not address as a whole either the emergency situation or the recovery, let alone the development, of Haiti.” A 2013 investigation by the Government Accountability Office found that most money for the recovery was not being dispersed, and that the projects that were being worked on were plagued by delays and cost overruns.writer called “a mishmash of low quality, poorly thought-out development experiments and half-finished projects.” A Haitian IHRC members lamented that the commission had produced “a disparate bunch of approved projects. Many Clinton projects were extravagant public relations affairs that quickly fizzled.

Mills would be joined by Bill Clinton, who had been deputized by the U. Mills wrote in an email to Hillary Clinton that Haitians saw Bill’s appointment as “a step toward putting Haiti in a protectorate or trusteeship status.” Soon, “joking that he must be coming back to lead a new colonial regime,” the Haitian media “dubbed him Le Gouverneur.” The project was heavily focused on increasing Haiti’s appeal to foreign corporations.

(With Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State overseeing the efforts of USAID, the Clintons’ importance to the recovery could not be overstated; Bill’s appointment meant that “at every stage of Haiti’s reconstruction—fundraising, oversight and allocation—a Clinton was now involved.” Despite appearances, the Clinton-Bush fund was not focused on providing traditional relief.

As they wrote, “[w]hile other organizations in Haiti are using their resources to deliver immediate humanitarian aid, we are using our resources to focus on long-term development.” While the fund would advertise that “100% of donations go directly to relief efforts,” Clinton and Bush adopted an expansive definition of “relief” efforts, treating luring foreign investment and jobs as a crucial part of earthquake recovery.

Their semester had just been cut short, and the students sent home, because the temperature in the classrooms had grown unbearable.

The misery of the students in the Clinton trailers was described: Judith Seide, a student in Lubert’s sixth-grade class [explained that] she and her classmates regularly suffer from painful headaches in their new Clinton Foundation classroom.

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