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For that, I am thankful to be getting to know you tonight.” Bring it from the past to the present, and then move on to the next subject, ASAP.

And for even more great dating advice, here’s how to impress any woman.

With each successive date, you peel back another couple layers.

It’s not that you need to tell potential mates everything about yourself right away, but more that being authentic is more likely to lead to a happy, lasting partnership than pretending you have interests or preferences you don’t really have just to keep a new relationship going.

That said, here is some more princely dating wisdom for you.

Sure, you might have a specific idea of what you’re looking for, but instead of just considering your date’s job, where they grew up, and who their favorite author is, give more weight to how you actually feel when talking to them.

“Focusing on facts can feel like an interrogation or an interview,” Andersen explains.

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It’s comes off as very one-sided and unfair.” So if you don’t want to talk about your childhood, job history, religion, or political views, simply don’t ask your date about these topics—although Andersen is quick to point out that talking about these things early on is often to your benefit. Speaking of not saying things, here are some secrets it’s alright to keep from your partner.

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