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The two were also spotted together on December 26, looking like any other couple.The two's dating pattern is not different from anyone else's.The concept or the theme of the video was the ‘unlucky couple’.During the filming of the music video, Eunjung-Jang Woo couple were constantly in the rain filming, till late at night.They meet up late at night after their schedules and eat or chat in the car.An official commented that the two became close while filming the drama together.

Super Junior’s Lee Teuk and Sunny’s Kang So Ra commenced their marriage life on We Got Married.

This was revealed with the help of “detective fans” and brought up many speculations about singer’s relationship status.

Woohyun and his friend after landing in Tokyo Girl’s interaction with Woohyun’s friend that proves the two know each other Both the girl and friend posting pictures of Tokyo Tower and Disney Sea leading fans to think they went sightseeing all together Shortly after, another member of the group, Jang Dongwoo, was caught in a spotlight when a picture of someone that looks a lot like him and a girl resting her bare feet on his thighs resurfaced on the Internet.

After filming for the kiss scene Jang Woo shouted, “We had our first kiss! Jang Woo was very happy and satisfied for their first kiss, but Eunjung wasn’t satisfied at all.

She wanted to make it more special, by not having their first kiss in a set but somewhere with a romantic atmosphere.

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