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If you want to give yourself and the new girl a chance and find out for sure, you've gotta be all in with her. If you're not sure about the new girl, then stop seeing her too and take a break and get right with yourself first.

The old girlfriend is bi-polar and that wasn't working, you know that for sure. You're not a babysitter, or a mother, a father or a therapist. There is never a good time to break up with someone.

She lives closer to me so we can see each other more often as well. But I am thinking if I should let this new girl I met slip through my fingers if I do not ask her out soon. At the very least, she must have some kind of heads up that something isn't right between you two now. so after awhile I told her, despite me thinking otherwise, that I felt that we needed each other right now and I am sorry I rushed to conclusions Another issue is that I met another girl that I am really interested in. Now you're going to have to hurt her all over again. You have to turn that over to her, her family, and her MH professionals. I was very certain to break up until we talked in the phone she sounded like she needed some time to breathe because she kept saying why it had to be at this moment when she was already struggling to get up from her uncle's death and she was really down then. I was really insisting to push through it but she was already in a very disturbed state and if I didn't care about her wellbeing she might've had a mental breakdown or something that is what i'm scared of. No she doesn't if I tell her it would get even messier I think the choice should be to stay or leave with my current partner.

The reason being that “he had an affair with a female employee” which was not in agreement with the company’s Code of Conduct.She is also slightly mysterious and we are both reactive people and prefer a partner that is more expressive.Also, I can feel that the relationship has been more stressful than it is light and happy because we have no idea how to be there for each other in times of need and we have a slight long distance relationship and see each other only one every 2-3 weeks.I just do not want to date a new person while being in a previous relationship as it may hurt both parties. Perhaps what i'm doing now is already considered cheating and I don't know what the best option is I can tell you what's not ethical or best . " The answer is, they were ready to move on Period.You're using the first girl's bi-polar condition to allow yourself to straddle the fence because you've had enough of the first girl probably and her "issues" which is why you took up with another girl to begin with but you aren't really sure about her and you want some kind of a safety net, I'd say.

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Also I wouldn't like to be dating 2 girls at the same time. You can't assume responsibility for her mental health issues. If she has a counselor, that is where she goes for help to manage situations that are difficult for her. You're not a cheater, at least not unless you've progressed past talking with the new girl.

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