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All Pendletons made after 1908 have square corners. Serious vintage blanket collectors seek pre-1942 blankets.In 1942 all mills were converted to war use and no Indian blankets were made for the duration of the hostilities.

The latter two were budget labels and used remanufactured wool as opposed to the virgin wool used in the Pendleton and Beaver State lines.Trade blanket manufacturers refer to fringed blankets as shawls and non-fringed blankets as robes.Racine ceased production in 1912, but continued in business selling blankets manufactured by other mills. Oregon City Woolen Mills – Oregon City, Oregon – Oregon City made some of the wildest patterns of all and produced from approximately 1905 until 1935.The designs were based on the Oriental rugs popular in the eastern United States.From that time forward the Navajo ceased making wearing blankets and wove only rugs for sale through the white traders.

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When the Indian Wars ended in 1890 the reservation system began.

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